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There are many exciting and wonderful aspects about a student's junior year in high school.  But, what tends to creep into student minds from Day One, is that he is not just a junior, he is now a Rising Senior.  The idea of senior year being just a year away opens the...

College counselor, Tiffany Kolb, works with teens and families to encourage young people to explore passions and work on areas of self-improvement over the summer, as well as having fun.

Smaller college may allow for greater interaction between professor and student, while choosing a larger school can mean more advanced labs and technology.

Need help researching colleges? Start with what you are looking for in a college or university. Next, find some great college guide books or online websites to help you track down objective information.

Parents of college-bound high school students have questions about when students should take the ACT or SAT. There are benefits to taking it as early as possible during Junior Year.

Ahh summer!  Just the thought of June, July and August evoke images of beaches, sand and deck chairs. While hours of relaxation may be a temptation, extra unscheduled time can also be used to work on a variety of tasks that will ultimately assist you in the College Sea...

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Understanding academic pressure when college shopping

October 23, 2018

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