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Factors to Consider When Selecting a College - ACADEMIC ENVIRONMENT

The process of choosing a "best fit school" includes finding a college that is a good academic fit.  Many students have not decided on a major and if you haven't, that's okay. The obvious part of academ...

There are many exciting and wonderful aspects about a student's junior year in high school.  But, what tends to creep into student minds from Day One, is that he is not just a junior, he is now a Rising Senior.  The idea of senior year being just a year away opens the...

Tiffany Kolb, College Counselor, advises parents to use patience and persistence to work with teens on the college application process. Teens need help, but may not want it.

Tiffany Kolb, College and Career Counselor, advises students on ACT and SAT options, as well as test-optional colleges, for students who are unhappy with standardized test scores.

College Advisor, Tiffany Kolb, gives an overview of a "College Strategy" for high school juniors who are in the college search process.

College counselor, Tiffany Kolb explores how and why location can be an impacting factor for high school students deciding on what college to attend.

Diversity is an important factor to consider when choosing a college. Some students want to be surrounded by peers who belong to the same ethnic group, while others prefer a diversity.

Smaller college may allow for greater interaction between professor and student, while choosing a larger school can mean more advanced labs and technology.

Is your high school student considering a gap year? Mine is! Read my post about our visit to the Gap Year Fair and some tips about how to begin narrowing down your options.