Why hire a college consultant?

Choosing a college is a very important decision, and the college selection and admissions process can be stressful and complicated. Many families are looking to independent college consultants to assist with the process. In fact, in the 2015 high school class, 26% of all students used a college consultant in some part of the college admissions process. In the past, students and families have been guided by high school guidance counselors, or they take on the process by themselves, using online resources for research.

As the cost of a college education soars, $100,000-$200,000 for four years, families must make the college decision carefully and wisely. School counselors, with the national counselor to student ratio of 434:1, find themselves limited in the individual college and career counseling they can provide to students. Parents can become overwhelmed with sheer volume of options and amount of information that is available to them online. Investing time and funds to hire a college counselor, who is an expert in the field, many consider to be money well spent.

This is what you should look forward to if you hire a professional independent college counselor:

1. Decreased College-Process Stress. Working with a college counselor will keep your student on track of timelines and deadlines. Having an expert in your corner will also provide answers, oftentimes with an email or phone call, to the many questions that will arise throughout the process. College counselors work with students and their families in the summers, evenings and on the weekends, when time and energy can be devoted to understanding these significant processes.

2. Guided Direction. Many students don't know what they really want in a college or a career. Discussions, small doses of student-specific information, and facilitated assessments, lead the student and parent to open discussions instead of last-minute decisions. This can save time, money and hopefully prevent an anguished student several months down the road deciding they need to transfer schools, change majors for the seventh time in two semesters, or drop out entirely. No one wants these outcomes for our young people. Informed decision-making and open conversations ward off many of these unfortunate outcomes. Research show that students who work with an independent counselor are more likely to remain at a college through graduation.

3. Expertise. College consultants are specialists in the area of college admissions. They tour universities and speak with admissions staff members to stay abreast of trends and expectations colleges, year to year. They truly understand the difference between "writing an essay" and how to work with a student as she digs at her deepest self, revealing her raw values or most vulnerable story on an application. College consultants are experts in the area of college application and admissions. This is what they do!

Tiffany Kolb, Philekoos College Admissions Consulting

How can I help you with your college admissions process? Contact me with questions regarding a FREE consultation. 608-548-3684

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