How to get great letters of recommendations for college apps

Getting personalized, specific letters of recommendation that will positively accompany a college application package is not a simple task. Here is a five step process to help in sure your letters of recommendation are thorough, specific and on time.

1. Strategize about who to ask. Your letters of recommendation should, ideally reveal different aspects of your personality and your experiences as a student. You can guide this by selecting people who know you through a variety of perspectives.

2. Ask early and provide thorough information. Contact your teachers about writing letters of recommendation for your college apps and provide all the necessary information needed, including your High School Resume.

3. Follow up. A week later, follow up by thank them for agreeing to write a

letter for you and offer any to provide additional information.

4. Follow up again. Three days before the application deadline, make a

contact with your teachers and confirm that they are able to meet the

deadline by thanking them and mentioning the deadline again.

5. Thank you & college decision. When all is said and done, write a hand-

written thank you note to the teachers or counselors that wrote letters of

recommendation for you. Make sure to inform these individuals about

your college decision; they are interested in you and will be touched that

you take the time to tell them!

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