The top 3 worst ways to choose a college

You study the majors each school offers, carefully narrow your options to three schools, visit the campus, fill out the application, apply for scholarships and then throw it all out the window and choose your college because you always wanted to go there.

Does this really happen? YES – more often than you can imagine!

How can I avoid that mistake? We can help. Here’s a list of the top 3 fatal mistakes made during the college selection process.

Mistake 1: Ignore the facts. There’s a ton of research that goes into a great college selection. Choosing a school can affect the rest of your life, your lifelong occupation, where you live, the friends you meet and the direction your life goes. So why ignore the facts during the search process? If a school doesn’t have the major you’re really interested in, or one of your other top choices has a much better program, don’t ignore that fact.

Mistake 2: Fake it. You’re the only one who knows the answers too many of the questions asked during the search process. Be true to yourself and honest in how you conduct the search process. Going through the motions wastes valuable time and energy and leads nowhere.

Mistake 3: Follow the leader. That game was great in grade school, but when it comes to college selection, following what others do leads to a choice for them not you. What might be great reasons for your friends to pick a school probably aren’t the same for you.

Believe in yourself and trust that all the research you did meant something. Following through is the hardest part, but doing so makes all the difference!


Doug Kolb

Founder Philekoos College Admissions Counseling

Choose Wisely!

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