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An college admission counselor is your personal guide and advocate throughout the complex process of college admissions. You receive the highest level of attention across all phases of the admissions process from freshmen year course selection to senior year applications and beyond.

All professional services may be purchased at an hourly rate, or as part of comprehensive programs, that can span weeks, months or years.

Professional College Counseling Services
Academic Record 

A review of your previous academic achievements will allow us to recommend course selection for optimal college choice.  We can also provide direction for high school course selection in to meet deadlines for college entrance exams and to meet the standards of your choice schools.


Testing Recommendations 

The timing and the planning of college entrance exams are important parts of the college acceptance equation.  We will assist you in devising a strategy to overlap test selection information with the lay-out of your high school course schedule.  An additional recommendation is to find a quality test prep program that is best suited to the student’s style of learning.  We can assist with that as well. 


Activities Resume 

We will review your extracurricular involvement and recommend possible school or summer activities to strengthen your personal profile.  We will also edit your activities resume throughout the application process.


College & Career Direction 

Philekoos counselors use several research-based interest inventories and aptitude assessments including: Do What You Are, YouScience, and the College Readiness Survey & Self-Knowledge Questionnaire. The of these assessments results lead to discussions of a student's natural talents, possible career directions, and college matches.  


The College List

All of the previous steps lead up to the creation of a college list.  This is the opportunity for student, parents, and counselor to forge a list of potential colleges, uniquely suited to the student’s needs.  The list evolves into a strategy involving visits, applications and interviews in a comprehensive timeline, all under the guidance  of Philekoos counselors. 

College Visits

Knowing the right questions to ask

and the right places to visit can be

important during the college visit.  

After each visit, having a tool to

compare college objectively, as well

as including subjective discussion

items, is what this process is all

about.  (Check out our blog!)


College Application Essay 

The number of application essays and variety of topics can be daunting for any student.  With our experience in the application process, we can help you find obtain application essay topics as soon as they are released and map out overlapping topics to manage the number of essays you will write.  We want this process to be exciting, not overwhelming and nerve-wracking!  You will also be able to participate in a comprehensive essay brainstorming session and our counselors will edit application essays.


College Interview

The college interview can be critical.  This service will provide the student with important tips to help them succeed in the college interview experience.  Through preparation and role-playing, a student can refine his or answers and presentation as an “applicant” and make the best possible impression in the college interview.

Final Decision 

As the long and very-involved process draws to a close, decisions have to be made.  Sometimes, a number one school rises to the top and sometimes the decision is not so obvious.  When students are making the choice, we can offer assistance in making the final decision.



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