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Tiffany Kolb, My Story


I have worked with students and families throughout my professional life, as a teacher, administrator, and college counselor. I love working with teens and young adults; finding a creative solution to a problem; and seeing the expression on student faces when they reach success.  


I earned a BA in English Literature from Loras College in Iowa, and a MA in Secondary Education from Viterbo University in Wisconsin. I am an Associate Member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association, and a member of the Wisconsin Association for College Admissions Counseling. Both of these organizations have high professional standards for membership and promote ethical practices and social responsibility in order to better serve students. 


I am also a parent who has been through the college application process, twice so far with our two sons and our daughter is currently in high school. I have always been a working mother, so I understand how busy and crazy it can get when parents are working and trying to attend school functions and do all the research required to figure our the college admission process. My goal as a college counselor is to facilitate the process smoothly and efficiently, to make it less stressful and more enjoyable or everyone! 

Part of the the college-search process is self-discovery.  My goal for each student is to learn what their strengths are, what they’re naturally good at, and what their personality tendencies are so we can find careers and majors that are a good match. I guide the process and assist in finding colleges that match these needs. The student takes the lead, while the parents, who know their child better than anyone, engage in supportive conversation throughout the process. 

I love to facilitate this process because students feel great about themselves and their accomplishments, and I help them find a college that best suits them.


When families are intentional about the college search, students feel confident about the process and about their decision, and they are more likely to stay and to graduate in four years. 

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