Use our experience with the current trends in the college admission process

to make the most of your applications. 

     Tiffany Kolb, Philekoos College Admissions Counselor 

Located in Wisconsin, USA - Serving students across the Midwest 

Philekoos College Admissions Counseling provides professional, personalized college counseling to students and their families. After working with us...
  • Students learn about the best majors and areas of study suited to their interests and personalities.
  • Students are provided with the tools and information to research and select colleges matched to their unique learning styles. 
  • The essay writing and application completion becomes a creative, fulfilling process instead of one of tedium or procrastination.   
We are here to assist and guide students in all steps of the admissions process. The college search should be enjoyable and exciting for the whole family. 

Philekoos - from the ancient Greek φιλήκοος – means prepared to listen, willing to listen.

It is the necessary inner state for anyone willing to acquire knowledge.

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Read our story and understand why we have a passion for helping students and families navigate the complex college admissions process and guide them toward "best fit" schools.

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We offer hourly services or comprehensive packages covering an array of college and career planning topics. 

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Check out our College Planning Workshop Series to guide parents and students through admissions topics. Informational workshops can be presented to student or parent groups at schools, libraries or work places.

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